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Filmmaker, Photographer, and Cinematographer

Ethan is a commercial photographer and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles, CA. A craftsman with a diverse skillset, he specializes in Unit Stills, Key Art, and lifestyle and photography for films, brands, and commercial projects. His work blends strong sentiments of cinema vérité with rich storytelling. 

With every project, he aims to blend conceptual imagery, beauty and portraiture, and photojournalism. He strives to bring distinction to his images with a strong vision, story, and technique, and always seeks room for personal touches.

Ethan has a roster of three features, two narrative and one experimental, and well over a dozen short form motion projects in genres reaching from commercial to narrative to documentary. His work had been widely distributed, being featured in Times Square, festivals, and billboards across the country. He’s had the pleasure to photograph and work with of talent of all types, including Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, Nicholas Cage, and Jessica Simpson. His most recent film credits include "Arcadian," "The Call," and "Roswell Delirium." He's also worked with international brands such as Puma, Porsche, Twitch, Amazon, and TCL.

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