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Filmmaker, Photographer, Cinematographer

Ethan is a bicoastal commercial photographer and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles, CA and Wilmington, NC. A jack of many trades, he specializes in commercial photography and narrative filmmaking. His work blends strong sentiments of art and aesthetics with rich storytelling. Crafted, yet diverse, his work could never be accomplished without the wide variety of talented people that he brings to the table with him on each and every project.

He specializes in blending conceptual imagery, beauty and portraiture, and photojournalism. He strives to bring distinction to his images with a strong vision, story, and technique, and always seeks room for personal touches.

With a roster of three features, two narrative and one experimental, on top of over a dozen shorts in genres reaching from commercial to narrative to documentary, Ethan is a cinematographer by trade and a filmmaker at heart. He's had his hands in every aspect of production, including producing, directing, and film editing.

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