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Angelic - Cover Art and Editorials

My team was enlisted to photograph cover art and editorial PR pieces for upcoming youtube celebrity and singer, Angelic. Sophia, aka "Angelic," is just 14 years old, and quickly rising to the top in the music world, building her numbers on instagram and youtube with viral videos for younger audiences.

Screenshot 2019-05-24 09.36.11.png

We did two shoots with her. On shoot #1, we produced

key art that made it's way onto several interviews. The client was ecstatic with the red dress on black. Upon our second shoot, everyone commented how well that look turned out and how stunning she was. We're hoping will find it's way onto a single cover soon, while the blue art made into some interview content for publicity.


Our second shoot went even better than the first. We arranged four looks, and I decided to push for a more elaborate setup for each one. I really wanted to break the walls and try new things here, and I feel it shows. 

Inspiration & Moodboards

Setup and Test Lighting

You can see how we progressed in the test setups from a flat, generic studio look to a more dynamic, fashion editorial. Adding the chain link fence was Henry's idea, and I feel it really sold the theme of "Lost in the City" for this look.

And finally, the deliverables for our second shoot. We provided the client with several cropping options for online branded key art, in the aspect ratios for a Youtube Channel and Cover art

Youtube Channel crops

Cover crops