The Call - Feature Length Production to be released 2020

The call is a feature length, horror thriller film set to be released middle to end of 2020. Production took place over 3 weeks in late January. Unit Stills were brought on for 10 of the 15 days, excluding pickup days. The following images have not been released and are for solely for work samples.

Directed by Timothy Wood Jr.

Produced by Zebulon Huling,

Other producers include Jeffrey Reddick, James Cullen Bressack, and Randy J Goodwin

Cinematography by Pablo Diez AEC


Lin Shaye

Tobin Bell

Chester Rushing

Erin Sanders

Mike C. Manning

Sloane Siegel



Ethan Sigmon is a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles and specializes in fashion and editorial work, in both stills and motion.

He is currently available for booking and can be reached at the contact info below.